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At Fort Knox Self Storage WA our facility has been designed and built with both security and safety as a priority. We have the most modern security systems, state of the art monitored fire and sprinkler systems and a clean, dry and pest controlled environment.

However, as with any property, we are not immune to unforeseen incidents or disasters. All of the goods that you have stored in Fort Knox Storage are your property and remain your sole responsibility.

Therefore, you should have them covered by Insurance as they are not automatically insured whilst in storage. It is recommended that you check with your household insurance provider to see if your cover has provision for items located offsite in storage, as you may already be covered through your existing insurance policy.

The Insurance we offer is competitively priced, and all that is required is an accurate selection of the cover required, and we simply add the cost of the premium to your monthly invoice.

Should you require more detailed information on this service please contact our friendly staff.

Sum insured Monthly Premium
5,000 $5.00
10,000 $10.00
15,000 $15.00
20,000 $20.00
25,000 $25.00
30,000 $30.00
35,000 $35.00
40,000 $40.00
50,000 $50.00
60,000 $60.00
70,000 $70.00
80,000 $80.00
90,000 $90.00
100,000 $100.00


While most people already have home and contents insurance, an added option when considering moving
is to acquire moving insurance. The added peace of mind of further insurance (such as Removal Insurance)
may be the right decision for you, depending on the value and significance of your belongings being moved.

When you move with Fort Knox WA you are automatically covered for fire, overturn and loss while in transit.

Our Insurance Policies

1. Marine & Transit (Carriers) up to $50,000 per load.
2. Public & Products Liability $20m.
3. Third party Property and Motor Vehicle Insurance

Our removalists and professional packing teams take every precaution to ensure your home contents are
securely packed and handled with care.

However, it pays to be aware that your belongings may be exposed to risks which fall outside our control.
Just as you insure your belongings with home and content insurance, we recommend you consider a tailored policy with Australian Removal Insurance This will protect your belongings while being transported or held in storage.

Simply visit www.removalsinsurance.com.au and complete a quick online form prior to your move. Please
remember that you have to add Fort Knox as your referer.


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